Let Me Introduce Ourselves

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to come on here and introduce you to my family. We are a small family of three. Currently living in North Carolina. As you can see we are a military family. My hubby has been in the Marine Corps for 19 years. We haven’t moved as much as you think we have. His particular job has kept us here in North Carolina most of his career. We spent three years in California and have been in Virginia, Florida, and Texas.

We have been married for 18 years and have the one son who is 12.  Let me tell you, these tween years are going to kill us.  Not sure how I am going to survive the real teens and up.  He is a really good kid, has a passion for animals and would love to own his own zoo one day.

I really started Jenn Henson Designs in 2015 and got really serious about is last year. I started out with mixed media art.  I still love to slap paint and paper on a canvas, but the love of old is always on my mind. I love to go to antique stores and see what treasures I can find. I love looking at decorating magazines that feature old with new.  I constantly looking for that one piece that will make it all perfect in our home, but just haven’t quite found it yet (and that’s ok).  I will always continue to decorate and change things up.

Just recently in June I wanted to take Jenn Henson Designs to a new place.  That is where the farmhouse signs come in. I love to make these signs and see them on the walls or on shelves in other peoples homes.  I do all the designing and painting while the hubby does all the woodwork and staining of the frames.  We really make a good team and I love working with him.

I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and I hope you will continue to come back again and again.  I plan on keeping the shop updated regularly and I always will take custom orders.  If you ever have any questions I’m just an email away.

Have a wonderful day!